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The ERB titles from the Bison Frontiers of Imagination series

Essay by Phillip R. Burger
Contains a final chapter by Phillip R. Burger
Essay by Phillip R. Burger
Afterword by Phillip R. Burger
Afterword by Phillip R. Burger
Afterword by Phillip R. Burger
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Tarzan: The Joe Kubert Years 
Volume 2 in Hard Cover 
By: Joe Kubert
A stunning, five-part adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' The Return of Tarzan highlights this archival collection, which reprints Joe Kubert's Tarzan comics, issues 215 through 224. With color restoration based off of Tatjana Wood's original colors, this beautiful hardcover is a must-have for fans of pulse-pounding adventure tales and students of the graphic narrative. Writing, drawing, and editing a monthly Tarzan comic-book series in the 1970s, Joe Kubert was able to illustrate the adventures of his childhood hero and produce some of the most engaging pages of his career. Tarzan: The Joe Kubert Years Volume 2, also includes "Death is My Brother," "The Renegades," "The Black Queen," and other dynamic stories inspired by Burroughs' classic books.

• Reprinting Tarzan issues #215-#224 (originally published by DC Comics)
• Introduction by Joe Kubert!
• A great reference tome for students of comics art and the human form in action!

See Volume 1
Genre: Action/Adventure

See the Preview Pages
Publication Date: Mar 29, 2006 
Format: Hard cover, 208 pages, Full color, 6 1/4" x 10 1/4" 
Price: $49.95 
Age range: 12+ 
ISBN: 1-59307-416-6 
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The latest from George McWhorter 
Edgar Rice Burroughs Memorial Collection ~ University of Louisville

Karen Blixen ~ Isak Dinesen (1885-1962)
The Baroness Karen Blixen, later known as the writer Isak Dinesen, lived on a coffee plantation in the highlands of Kenya for eighteen years, beginning in 1913. In 1931, after losing her farm to bankruptcy and her lover in a tragic plane crash, she left Africa for her native Denmark, never to return.  But in the succeeding years, between her brillian books of short fiction, she published two memoirs and a volume of letters about her African experience. These works, especially Out of Africa, are classics of descriptive prose -- no other writer has portrayed the African landscape in all its variety and moods, the wild animals, and the native peoples with such vividness, passion and acuity.

For orders, contact:

George T. McWhorter, Curator, The Burroughs Memorial Collection
University of Louisville Library, University of Louisville
Louisville, Kentucky 40292 ~ (502) 852-8729
From Radio Spirits
Tarzan of the Air

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Edgar Rice Burroughs introduced readers to Tarzan for the first time in 1912 October issue of All Story Magazine. A classic tale of adventure, Tarzan is a timeless legend and remains one of the most recognized literary characters to this day.

After making his radio debut in 1932, this popular tale of an orphan child raised by apes in the jungle had critics cheering it as, "the most fascinating and colorful radio program they had ever heard." By incorporating both sound and his audience's imagination, Edgar Rice Burroughs was able to take his Tarzan classic to a new level that would capture the fascination of all who listened. 

Enjoy the 18 episodes that marked the beginning of this classic radio epic and be sure to listen for Burroughs' own daughter as Tarzan's love interest Jane.

Three Hours On Compact Discs ~ Digitally Restored and Remastered
Tarzan's First Birthday  09-12-32 
 Battle with the Apes  09-14-32 
 Tarzan in Young Manhood 09-16-32 
 Tarzan Attacked by Sabor 09-19-32 
 Tarzan Sees a Ship 09-21-32 
 Tarzan Rescues the Captain 09-23-32
 Tarzan Rescues the Captain Again 09-26-32 
 Did the Bottle Really Go Overboard? 09-28-32 
The Captain is in Quicksand  09-30-32 
A Fight Aboard Ship 10-03-32 
Tarzan's Shack 10-05-32 
Mutinous Captain Killed  10-07-32 
Tarzan Delivers the Sailor 10-10-32 
Tarzan Rescues Jane's Father 10-12-32 
Clayton Tries to Rescue the Professor 10-14-32 
The Professor Wants to Search 10-31-32 
Rescue 11-02-32 
Tarzan's Hut Afire? 11-04-32 
Watch for release announcements at the 
Radio Spirits Website

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Master of Adventure
The Worlds of Edgar Rice Burroughs 
By Richard A. Lupoff 
Foreword by Michael Moorcock Preface by Henry Hardy Heins 
With an introduction to the Bison Book Edition by the author 
With an essay by Phillip R. Burger

“Required reading for Burroughs fans.”—Analog.
“Excellently researched by a recognized authority.”—Chicago Tribune.

So, just how was Tarzan created? Eager to know the inside story about the legendary John Carter and the amazing cities and peoples of Barsoom? Perhaps your taste is more suited to David Innes and the fantastic lost world at the Earth’s core? Or maybe wrong-way Napier and the bizarre civilizations of cloud-enshrouded Venus are more to your liking? These pages contain all that you will ever want to know about the wondrous worlds and unforgettable characters penned by the master storyteller Edgar Rice Burroughs.

Richard A. Lupoff, the respected critic and writer who helped spark a Burroughs revival in the 1960s, reveals fascinating details about the stories written by the creator of Tarzan. Featured here are outlines of all of Burroughs’s major novels, with descriptions of how they were each written and their respective sources of inspiration. This Bison Books edition includes a new foreword by fantasy writer Michael Moorcock, a new introduction by the author, a final chapter by Phillip R. Burger, as well as corrected text and an updated bibliography.

Richard A. Lupoff is a critic and an author of speculative fiction. Michael Moorcock is the author of the Elric saga and other works. Phillip R. Burger is a freelance writer, a consultant to Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc., and a contributor to the Bison Frontiers of Imagination series..

University of Nebraska Press ~ 308 pp.  Illus.  0-8032-8030-0   ~ $16.95 
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