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An Illustrated Bibliography of the Works of ERB
From the ERB C.H.A.S.E.R. Encyclopedia
Click on each title for publishing information, cover and interior art, 
chapter & character information, trivia, reference links, etc.

RBzin-e 245:  Motes & Quotes ERBnews: 2000.01.07
Millennium Thoughts ~ Obits '99 ~ Collectors' Corner ~ Letters: Japanese TV Project ~ Web Wanderings
ERBzin-e 258: Motes & Quotes ERBnews: 2000.01.14
Trivia bits ~ Top '99 Books ~ Disney Tarzan ~  Stellan Windrow ~ Weissmuller ~ N. Kentucky U. Syllabus
ERBzin-e 259: Motes & Quotes ERBnews: 2000.01.21
Coriell Obit ~ ERB Letters ~ Greystoke Castle ~ HMCS Prince Robert ~ Blisard Alternate History
ERBzin-e 277:  Motes & Quotes ERBnews: 2000.01.28
Trivia ~ Elmo ~ Foulds ~ Code Names Dictionary ~ Manning Letter ~ Danton to play Tarzan ~ Letters
ERBzin-e 279:  Motes & Quotes ERBnews: 2000.02.04
Lydie Denier ~ Tarzan on Campus ~ Cho ~ Hairston ~ van Vogt ~ Kane ~ FTLM
ERBzin-e 284: Motes & Quotes ERBnews: 2000.02.11
Announcing Nkima's Chats ~ Planetary Society ~ Celardo ~ Von Horst ~ Hong Kong letter
ERBzin-e 289:  Motes & Quotes ERBnews: 2000.02.18
Fairy Castle ~ Adams' Chats ~ Ekman's Barsoom Games ~ McWhorter ~ OB Letter ~ etc.
ERBzin-e 296:  Motes & Quotes ERBnews: 2000.02.25
Zoetrope ~ AMC review ~ Ekman: Carter Contradiction ~ OB Letter ~ Gilbert Ailing ~ Letters
ERBzin-e 312: Motes & Quotes: 00.03.03
Rex Maxon Belgium Strips, Tarzan for Kids, Paul McCall Illos, OB Letter, BARAMPOL, Nkima Goes Wild, Tarzans & Janes Reunite
ERBzin-e 314: Motes & Quotes: 00.03.10
Classic ERB Covers, Lechuguilla Cave, JT Newspaper Serial, Mailbag, Don't Feed Nkima in Nikko!, Glen Eradi, Tarzan Visits 9 Chickweed Lane, Burroughs Bibliophile Bulletin Board
ERBzin-e 316: Motes & Quotes: 00.03.17
ERB Anagrams, 5th Wave Cartoon, St. John: Work & Play, Lady Jane March, Tarzana Prehistoric Artifact, Tarak Poems, Tantor Amok in Bangkok, BB Bulletin Board
ERBzin-e 317: Motes & Quotes: 00.03.24   Annex: Gridley Wave & Barsoomian Large Images
Mars News Notes, Petting Zoo Anecdote, Collector's Corner: Lib of Ill, Sat. Eve.Post, Old Fanzines, (large image Gridley), Dejah Thoris by Benham, ERB letter, JCB Tribute at ECOF
ERBzin-e 318: Motes & Quotes: 00.03.31
Tarzan Wins Oscar,  "You'll Be In My Heart," Soundtrack Hit, ERB at the Bookstores, English Assignment, von Horst's Princesses Site, Netherlands Appeal, "Battle of Hollywood" by J.Pierce, Cigarette Card, ERB Driver's Licence
ERBzin-e 319: Motes & Quotes: 00.04.07
Apes in the Courtroom, Ape Language, Tarzana 1939, Jungle Heat, Two Worlds lyrics, JC in CyberSpace, Unusual Sites, ERB in Finland, Normand Savage Pellucidar DJ, Weintraub Obit.
ERBzin-e 331: Motes & Quotes: 00.04.14
Monkeys are Capitalists, Interplanetary Real Estate, Tarzan sings and swings, rare covers gallery, Greystoke Castle on the web, Oddities from darkest Africa, Shecky the Monkey King, Johnny Sheffield & Dum-Dum 2000
ERBzin-e 332: Motes & Quotes: 00.04.21
Pulpateer by L. Ron Hubbard, Lin Carter: bio, biblio, memorium, links ~ AEC Esperanto, Dr. Science, '30s premiums, Monkey do, Major awards, BB Bulletin Board
ERBzin-e 333: Motes & Quotes: 00.04.28
Area 51 photos, Jungle Funnies, Leigh Brackett, Griffin & Burger in SF Weekly, OB Writes Home 45.03.03, Bomba Speaks
ERBzin-e 360: Motes & Quotes Newzine 00.05.05
May Month-long ERB Art Festival: Hogarth, Blisard Mars art, Fan Art, Art Compilation Covers, Bookshelf covers
ERBzin-e 361: Motes & Quotes Newzine: 00.05.12
May ERB Art Festival: Dave Hoover Website launch, ERB Atlas, St. John, Ballantine covers, Disney, Gallery
ERBzin-e 362: Motes & Quotes Newzine: 00.06.02
2000 ERB Art Festival continues with over 100 ERB C.H.A.S.E.R. Art Links List, Tom Yeates sketches the Hillmans, Rare Covers Gallery, ECOF 2000 Site Directory: Dejah's Diary etc.
ERBzin-e 363: Motes & Quotes Newzine: 00.06.09
Promo & Covers for the Lost Words of ERB Biblio ERBzine 0219 ~ Unusual Collectibles, Elmo Lincoln Memorabilia, ERB scholars, New Mars Atmosphere Plant, Richard Carsley's Death of Kala.
ERBzin-e 364: Motes & Quotes Newzine: 00.06.16
Tracy Griffin's Hollywood Report, Ape Art Mosaic, OB Writes Home 43.11.02, Michigan Military Academy photos & telegram, Richard Carsley Fan Art, Tarzan's Revenge: Park Lane Poster, Daughter and Wife of Tarzan, Tarzan Wannabees, Tarzan 78 rpm Record Album, Hillmans & ERB in newspaper tech column
ERBzin-e 365: Motes & Quotes Newzine: 00.06.23
ERB in make-up, Numa wannabe, Tarzana Archives: Hulbert, OB Writes Home 42.05.20, Pogo: King of Barsoom, Jungle Lord and Silverback, Honolulu Star Bulletin 37.07.17, Mailstrom: Query from Random House, Dum-Dum 2000 Schedule
ERBzin-e 366: Motes & Quotes Newzine: 00.07.07
New Virtual Tour of McWhorter ERB Collection, OB Writes Home 44.06.12, President Reagan letter, Contests: Mystery Moon Men, Find the Camera, Paint the Princess, Tarzan on VCD in Far East, ERB in UK, Mailstrom: England, New ERBville, ERB Obituary in New York Times
ERBzin-e 367: Motes & Quotes Newzine: 00.07.14
Gordon Scott Photo Album, new TarzanCinema List, FanFare: William Armstrong, OB Writes Home 43.04.10, Hully's Bookplate, Japanese Tarzan of the Apes Illustrations, 1939 Wine Ad featuring Mrs. ERB
ERBzin-e 368: Motes & Quotes Newzine: 00.08.04
Robert Zeuschner: Mystery Photo Contest, Brother-in-law Eddie Gilbert dies, Collectors Items, OB Writes Home 42.04.18, ERB / Boris Karloff Connection
ERBzin-e 369: Motes & Quotes Newzine: 00.08.11
Jeff Doten's Thuvia, Brian Drive-In Theatre: Tarzan Films, New Official ERB, Inc. website, Tantor and Friend, Collector's Trove, Monkey See, Cards, New covers in our Pulp Biblio, Tarak's Ode to Pulps: ERBzin-e 418 & ERBzin-e 419, Obits: Edward Ashley & X Brands
ERBzin-e 370: Motes & Quotes Newzine: 00.08.25
ERB C.H.A.S.E.R. Online Encyclopedia Launch, Hillman DooDad on Tangor's Wallpaper, Ape Caper Foiled, Two generations of Tarzan, The Ape Man 1932/1981, Movie Memorabilia, Comics Vault, ERB in Saturday Evening Post, New ERB / New England BB Chapter, Memorable ERB Birthdays
ERBzin-e 462: Motes & Quotes: ERBdate 2000.09.15
Hoover book ~ Dunn news ~ Belgian cards ~ Parma article ~ Barzan ~ Collector pics ~ Tarzan & Jane
ERBzin-e 466: Motes & Quotes: ERBdate 00.10.20
JCB art, Clarke, Doten's Dejah & Okar, Dunn Report, Prentice, "It's a boy" pic, Rare Pulps, McFarland
ERBzin-e 509: Motes & Quotes Newzine ~ 01.07.27 ~ Dejah Ralston Burroughs Grad ~ ERB Letters
Heins by Adams ~ Bradbury ~ Tarzan by Nick Clooney ~ U of Neb. ~ Aviator ERB ~ Kaluta ~ Tantor Jokes
ERBzin-e 531 Motes & Quotes Newzine 03.07.10 

ERBzine 533 Motes & QuotesNewzine OkaR'n'R ~ Rare Art
ERBzin-e 534 Motes & Quotes Newzine 03.09.11
ERBzin-e 552: Motes & Quotes 2000.12.22: PBS Children's Lit: ERB,  L. Sprague De Camp Dies
Tarak vs Frank X, Koeppel & Valet  paintings, Story Generators, Tarcoons, OB Letter '45, Weissmuller site
ERBzin-e 554: Motes & Quotes 2001.01.19 ~ Bruce "Hadron" Salen's Ring Around A Hailstone
Missing Mars Water ~ ERB Bio ~ Tarcoons II ~ Peter Pigg 15mm Miniatures ~ Collectors' Gallery
ERBzin-e 556: Motes & Quotes Newzine 2001.02.09 ~ Barsoom Valentine ~ Douglas 6 Tarzans ~ Frazetta
Jungle Girl serial, Zor Fanzine, Tz Composition, Sparkler, Tip Top, Romance Tz Lobby, 3-D cards, Mail, Nat Geo Mars Timeline
ERBzin-e 557: Motes & Quotes Newzine 2001.03.09 ~ ERB Honeymoon pic
Tarzan Eternal in Smithsonian, Mars fossils & craters, Alien Conspiracy, Cho's Huck, Heroines, OAK Leaves, E-texts, Mags
ERBzin-e 558: Motes & Quotes Newzine 2001.04.20 ~ ERB Forgotten Tales
Vintage Britannica Red Planet, Vanishing Martian, Mail, ERB Screen Heroines, Signal Oil, Glue, ID Cards, Memorabilia
ERBzin-e 559: Motes & Quotes Newzine 2001.06.15 ~ Pearl Harbor Murders ~ Dum-Dum 2001 Promo
Tarzan in Men's Fitness, Net Gurus Aim for Stars, Princess of Mars Still Beckons, Denier Pics, OkaR'n'R 1: Salen - Brooklyn Banth
606 M&Q 2001.10.26
643 M&Q Newsmag: 02.07.05
644 M&Q Newsmag: 02.08.02
657 M&Q 01.08.31
662 Motes & Quotes Newsletter 02.06.28
790 M&Q News Magazine  02.06.14
799 M&Q 1902.08.09
846 M&Q Newzine 2003.10.17
871 M&Q 03.01.31
873 M&Q Newzine
973 M&Q Newzine 030102
987 Motes & Quotes Newzine
988 Motes & Quotes Newzine
989 M&Q Newzine 02.12.27
996 M&Q Newzine: 2003.01.17
998 Motes & Quotes Newzine

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