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No. 0151

Diamond of Asher
Radio Serial Review & Synopsis:
Week 1 ~ Episodes 1-3

The following inaugural chapter of the new Tarzan radio series brings to radio and Tarzan’s many thousands of friends and entirely new story of strange and thrilling adventure.

Jane Porter, her father, Samuel T. Phillander, and Cecil Clayton have left africa – Clayton subsequently has confessed  that he is not the true Lord Greystoke and has died aboard ship. And so Tarzan of the Apes – mighty hunter, lord of the jungle, has come into his name and title – John Clayton, Lord Greystoke.

Tarzan and his friend, Paul D’Arnot – French Naval Lieutenant of the African Patrol Service – have travelled up the coast to Luango – a French African port where D’Arnot is awaiting a ship to take him back to France.

Tonight we find the two friends at the close of dinner in the grill of the Metropol Hotel discussing future plans. Tarzan tells D’Arnot his titles, rides and estates mean nothing to him and he plans to return to his real home – the jungle. He doesn’t know, like or understand civilization.

D’Arnot suggests that Tarzan use the Greystoke fortune to establish a plantation in Africa. Jane, now free to marry  Tarzan, wants time to convince her friends that she is not marrying Tarzan for his title. Tarzan plans to follow her to America within a year.

Americans Mr. Gregory and his daughter, Helen, appear and are introduced to Lord Greystoke and his friend. Helen is amazed at his striking resemblance to her brother, Brian – except for a scar on his forehead. Over the last two years, Brian had outfitted at Luango and had led two expeditions into the Congo in search of gorilla specimens. In the last letter which had came from Luango a year ago, he reported that he was returning on the trail of talking apes. Eventually this last expedition returned to Chicago reporting Brian missing. The Gregorys, who believed that Brian was still alive, had met Lord and Lady Tennington in London and they had referred them to Tarzan for help in finding young Gregory.

Their conversation was interrupted by a boy delivering a message to Tarzan from a young woman – Magra – asking Tarzan to meet her in the lobby.

Upon meeting with her, Tarzan realizes that she thinks he is Brian Gregory. Lal Taask forces Tarzan to go with the girl – at knifepoint – to their hotel room where he is presented to Atan Thome. Thome offers 10,000 pounds for “the map” showing the location of the city of Ashair. Despite Tarzan’s protests, all three refuse to believe that he is not Brian Gregory. They believe Gregory had left his party to go in search of Ashair and the priceless Father of Diamonds. The chapter ends with Taask and Thome threatening and finally attacking an uncooperative Tarzan.


Because the of the prospective marriage of Jane Porter and Cecil Clayton – falsely representing himself as Lord Greystoke – Tarzan had concealed the fact that he and not Clayton was the true heir to the title. Since Clayton’s confession and death, Tarzan has assumed his birthright – the Greystoke estates, fortune and title. Following the departure of Jane, her father, and Philander for America, Tarzan and D’Arnot have gone to the French African port of Luango where they meet the father and sister of the lost archaeologist Brian Gregory. Tarzan is lured to a room in the hotel by a woman and two men who mistake him for the missing archaeologist and there is an attempt made on his life. D’Arnot, meanwhile, concerned over the prolonged absence of his friend, learns from Mitchell, the hotel manager, that Tarzan was seen mounting the stairs in the company of a man and a woman.
The hotel manager accompanies D’Arnot to the upstairs room from which they hear sounds of a fight. They break down the door to find Tarzan, alone with the injured Lal Taask. Thome and Magra have escaped through the window. Tarzan tells D’Arnot how Magra mistook him for Brian Gregory and later tried to save him from Atan Thome’s attack.

When they return to the Gregorys, they say nothing about the incident. When Tarzan fails to dissuade the Gregorys from putting together a rescue expedition, he offers to join them. Helen tells of a map that Brian had sent giving the location of the city of Ashair in the Congo and Ubangi Rivers region. Tarzan learns that Thome and Magra had been members of Brian’s expedition.

In a heavily curtained back room of a musky insignificant curio shop close by the hotel, Magra and Atan Thome discuss the latter’s unsuccessful attempt to gain possession of the map of Ashair from the supposed Brian Gregory.

Thome stresses the necessity of obtaining the Ashair map from the man they think is Brian Gregory. He proceeds to tell Magra how Gregory had obtained the details of the map from a thankful, dying witchdoctor. Before Gregory disappeared he killed a party member who had tried to steal the map. Thome’s plan is to have Magra join the Gregory rescue expedition and to steal their map.

The Gregorys discuss their expedition plans with Tarzan and D’Arnot. They seek the help of a man recommended to them by Lord Tennington – a man known only as Tarzan. Lord Greystoke (Tarzan) promises to produce him the next morning in time to lead the expedition.
Tarzan and D’Arnot proceed to the hospital to question Lal Taask – but his is gone. In his place remains a dead oriental man.


Next morning, before breakfast, D’Arnot asks Tarzan about the possibility of talking apes and the mystery city – Ashair. Tarzan replies that to him all apes – and manu and bolgani – speak the language of the tribe of Kerchak. Over breakfast Tarzan reveals his identity and discusses his African background without revealing that his foster family were apes. Two guides, Wolff and Larson, arrive. D’Arnot leaves with Helen on a shopping trip.

Thome and Lal Taask meet with their spy, Wolf, who has just joined the Gregory expedition. He reports that Gregory is entering the jungle in search of his lost son – a story that Thome does not believe as he thinks that Tarzan is Brian Gregory. Wolf is ordered to try to steal the map and to take orders from Magret who is also about to join the expedition.

WEEK 1 ~ 99.05,14



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