Dum-Dum & ECOF Dossier
Annual gatherings of the
Burroughs Bibliophiles
to celebrate the life and works of the Master of Fantasy Adventure:
Edgar Rice Burroughs
ECOF 2015 will be hosted by the National Capital PANTHANS ~ Rockville, MD ~ June 4-7
Dum-Dum 2015 will be hosted by Peggy Adler ~ Clinton, CT ~ August 20 - 23
ECOF 2015
1995 to 2015

The National Capital Area Panthans are delighted to host the 2015 ECOF in Rockville, MD celebrating the 20th Anniversary of the discussions at the 1995 Dum-Dum in Rutland, VT that lead to the formal chartering of our fan group about a year later.  As of our ECOF on June 4-7, we will have met consecutively for 224 months, producing a newsletter and an informative Panthan Journal composed of member contributions at each of those monthly meetings.

We’re delighted to invite you to return to the venue where we hosted the 2006 combined ECOF and Dum-Dum, right on the Twinbrook Metrorail line station here in Rockville.  In addition to our anniversary activities, we will be hosting the Dark Horse distribution launch of "Jungle Tales of Tarzan," for which we will have special limited ECOF leather-bound signed edition available, hosting a pre-publication discussion  of Lee Strong’s "A Soldier of Poloda" to also be published by Dark Horse, and providing a panel on the making of "The Martian Legion" featuring Buddy Saunders and Joe DeVito. 

Buddy Saunders
In addition, a three-member Panthan panel selected 20 of the best-loved cover artwork over the last six years of our monthly Panthan Journal to be included in our 20th Anniversary Art Folio which will be provided to each registrant.  We are absolutely delighted that well-known artist Tom Grindberg, who has been kind enough to provide us with a number of Panthan Journal covers over the years, has agreed to be our Guest of Honor.

Our tentative schedule and registration form are below.  We will update the schedule particulars as they become available, and for your convenience we have arranged a direct hotel registration link for you.  If you have any questions, contact me at .  See you in June!

2015 ECOF Schedule (Tentative)
June 4-7, 2015
Thursday, June 4
1:00 pm – Adventurous Book Crawl – A.Q. Porter, PhD, certified guide
3:00 pm – Rockville Hilton Executive Meeting Center check-in – main lobby
5:00 pm – ECOF registration – John Tyner’s at 5911 Halpine Road
6:00 pm –  3-D Event (Deli Delight Dinner) to prep for……
7-9:00 pm – Annual Panthans/Muckers Joint Meeting 
9:00 pm – TENTATIVE huckster set-up in Regency Room

Friday, June 5 
All day  – Hilton check-in – main lobby 
All day --  ECOF Registration  -- Regency Room 
7:00 am – Huckster Room set-up – Regency Room 
8:00 am – Huckster Room Open – Regency Room 
8:00 am – 6 pm -- Gathering momentary gossip in designated ECOF drum area 
10:00 am –  Panel A - Guest of Honor Introduction by Mark Wheatley 
         Presentation by GOH Tom Grindberg -- Randolph Room 
11:00 am –  Panel B – "The Making of The Martian Legion" by Jake "Buddy" Saunders – Randolph Room 
Noon to 5:00 pm – Library of Congress Comic Art Excursion by appointment (TBA) 
      Note: group if enough interested, otherwise be on your own 
12:00 pm – Lunch on your own (see restaurant list of  local joints) 
3:30 pm – Panel C –  "This year’s bucket list"  moderated by Quaestor & J the V. 
     followed by convening of the BB Board Meeting to discuss our fan-driven non-profit organization’s future -- Randolph Room. 
6:00 pm – Huckster Room closed and secured 
6:30 pm -- Organized Dutch-treat dinner  in neighborhood restaurant TBA 
8:30 pm – Naughty ERB-flavored scholarly movies 

Saturday, June 6 
All day –  Hilton check-in – Main Lobby 
All day –  ECOF registration – Regency Room 
8:00 am – Huckster Room open – Regency Room 
8:00 am – 5 pm -- Gathering momentary gossip in designated ECOF drum area, including artists’ consortium workshop 
20:00 am – Presentations: 
     • Dark Horse distribution launch of “Jungle Tales of Tarzan” with Mark Wheatley 
          and Dr. Stan Galloway of Bridgewater College, author of “The Teenage Tarzan.”
     • Pre-publication discussion  of “A Soldier of Poloda” with Author Lee Strong 
12:00 pm – Lunch with colleagues at local restaurants 
2:30 pm – Benefit Auction featuring the antics of Certified Auctioneer Bill Ross – Randolph Room 
5:00 pm – Huckster Room closed 
6:30 pm – Attitude Adjustment 
7:30 pm – ECOF Banquet 
       “Audio Greetings from the Jungle” 
       Guest of Honor Tom Grindberg 
      “Pand and Ara” from Tublat 
    Awards and Presentations

Sunday, June 7
8 - 9:00 am – Farewell Breakfast (informal gathering in Hilton Twinbrook Grille)

Jungle Tales of Tarzan will be launched at ECOF. 
We have commissioned 50 special hardcover copies set aside for purchase ($49.95) by attendees. 

Events to be held at the 

Hilton Washington, DC/Rockville Hotel and Executive Meeting Center
1750 Rockville Pike, Rockville, MD 20852 
(telephone 301.468.1100). 
Preview available at
Room rate is $99.00 single/double. 
Registration fee of $85 includes goodies, huckster room browsing 
and panel/chat discussions and banquet. 
All hotel events are held in the Regency and Randolph rooms. 
NOTE: There is NO huckster room fee.

Thursday night event held at 
John Tyner’s home 5911 Halpine Road, a short walk from the hotel. 
Book crawl destinations will be available before you arrive for the ECOF.



Dum Dum 2015 Schedule 
Andrews Memorial Town Hall
54 East Main Street
Clinton, CT 06413
Meet Peggy Adler: Wikipedia
Update from Peggy
I'm thrilled to announce that Nancy Miller, Denny Miller's widow, will be joining us at the Dum Dum 
for all three days.
Nancy will be vending Denny's books and DVDs. 
She'll also be contributing some of Denny's memorabilia for the auction. 
Thursday, August 20:
Noon - 6:00 pm, Vendor & Registration Check-in and Huckster room set-up, (Green Room) 
Tarzan Yell Competition Sign-up (Green Room) 
2:00 pm, Book Barn @ Niantic 
Dinner on your own (see Econ. Dev. Commission [EDC] Restaurant Guide) 
6:30 pm, Outdoor “Beatles Forever” Concert at Vece Gazebo, 75 East Main Street (free) 
(In case of rain the concert will be into Andrews Memorial Town Hall’s Auditorium)
  (Sponsored by the Clinton Chamber of Commerce)
7:30 pm, “The Many Faces of Tarzan” (1989) [by permission of Tom Lavagnino] (Auditorium) 
8:45 pm, Burroughs Bibliophile Board Meeting (Rose Room)

Friday, August 21:
Breakfast, on your own (see EDC Restaurant Guide) 
9:00 am - 6:00 pm, Huckster Room open in the Green Room 
9:00 am, Registration Check-in
Tarzan Yell Competition Sign-up (Green Room) 
9:00 am, "Tarzan Finds a Son" (1939) Johnny Weissmuller * (Auditorium) 
10:30 am, "Tarzan's Magic Fountain" (1949), Lex Barker [by permission of ERB, Inc.] (Auditorium) 
12:00 pm, Lunch on your own (see EDC Restaurant Guide) 
1:00 pm, "Tarzan" TV Series (1967), Ron Ely (Auditorium) * 
“The Perils of Charity Jones” [Parts 1 & 2] (guest starring Julie Harris) 
3:00 pm, "Tarzan" (1999), Disney Animated Feature (Auditorium) * 
4:30 pm, "Tarzan's Many Genres" ( Books, Comics, Radio, Stage, Screen (live action &
          animation and TV).  Panel discussion will be moderated by Scott Tracy Griffin.
          Panelists include: Will Murray and more panel members to be determined.(Auditorium)

5:15 pm, Mucker Jeopardy (Auditorium) 
6:00 pm, Dinner on our own (see EDC Restaurant Guide) 
7:30 pm, Video Tribute to Denny Miller
8:30 pm, Chicago Muckers/The National Capital Panthans Joint Meeting (Rose Room)

Saturday, August 22:
Breakfast on your own (see EDC Restaurant Guide) 
9:00 am - 3:00 pm, Huckster Room open in the Green Room 
9:00 am, “John Carter” (2012) (Auditorium)
11:15 am, ERB’s influence on modern Sci-Fi 
                 Panel discussion will be moderated by Scott Tracy Griffin;
                 Panel members to be determined.  (Auditorium) 
12:00 pm, Lunch on your own (see EDC Restaurant Guide) 
1:00 pm, Tarzan Yell Competition (Auditorium) 
2:00 pm, “The Search for Sandy” [by permission of Bill Berloni] (Auditorium) 
3:00 pm - 5:00 pm, Public Auction of ERB memorabilia (Rose Room) 
 (Bill Ross auctioneer “extraordinairre”)
6:00 pm, Cash Bar & Banquet (Clinton Country Club) 
> 2015 Outstanding Achievement Award, posthumously, to Denny Miller
> Guest of Honor: Bill Berloni, Tony Award Winning Animal Trainer 
  [Stage (i.e. “Annie”), screen & television] Training Animals to Perform - Then & Now 

Sunday, August 23:
8:30 am, Farewell Breakfast at the Clinton Town Beach's 
picnic pavilion, with the food (Dutch Treat) from the beach's Hazy Daze concession. 

* In Partnership with the Henry Carter Hull Library of Clinton, CT

Additionally, there will be presentations in the Andrews Memorial Town Hall’s Rose Room. 
Presenters and the presentation schedule will be announced on a separate sheet.

Dum-Dum Notables Who Will Join Us
1) Bill Berloni (Guest of Honor/banquet speaker) (
2) Linda Burroughs (Danton Burroughs’ widow) 
3) Llana Jane Burroughs (Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Great-Granddaughter) 
4) Dejah Burroughs (Edgar Rice Burroughs’ Great Granddaughter) 
5) Joe DeVito (
6) Scott Tracy Griffin (
7) Michael R. Hudson ( &
8) Diana Leto (
9) Nancy Miller (Denny Millers widow)
10) Jim Sullos (President of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.) 
11) Cathy Mann Wilbanks (Executive Assistant & Archivist @ Edgar Rice Burroughs, Inc.) 
12) William Patrick Murray (Will Murray)

Peggy (

Rose Room Presentations
(concurrent with the events in the auditorium)

The following people will be making presentations in Andrews Memorial Town Hall’s Rose Room on either Friday, August 21st or Saturday, August 22nd. 
The schedule will be announce once we know the names of all the “notables” who want to make presentations.

*** Diana Leto and Michael R. Hudson:

*** William Patrick (Will) Murray

Here’s What People Get If They Pay $75 for the Banquet
1) Tote/backpack with the Dum Dum logo
2) T-shirt with the Dum Dum logo > if ordered by July 20th
3) Audio CD:  “Tarzan” radio show (1932 - 1933)
4) DVD: “A Video Tribute to Denny Miller”
5) “Broadway Tails”, a book by Dum Dum banquet guest of honor, Bill Berloni
6) Dum Dum program on half-fold card with DumDum logo & schedule
7) 1, quarter-fold gift card bearing the Dum Dum logo
8) Numbered Dum Dum Name Tag in plastic badge holder
9) Numbered Banquet Ticket
10) Numbered Auction Card
11) Additionally,  local Clinton information ....
Edgar Rice Burroughs' family has an indirect link to Clinton, CT, where Dum Dum 2015 will take place:
ERB’s brothers, George and Henry (Harry) both went to Yale, graduating there in 1889 from the Sheffield Scientific School.
Coincidentally, 189 years earlier, Yale was "born" in Clinton.
[The Dum Dum will be at Andrews Memorial Town Hall, August 20-23, and will be open to the public for free. 
More information, along with a banquet & vendor registration form, can be found on this ERBzine page
as well as on FaceBook at "Dum Dum 2015", as a page, a group and an event. 
How to get to Dum Dum 2015:

Clinton, Connecticut is a mere 20 miles or so east of New Haven and is easily accessible by plane, train and car. 

Connecticut’s Bradley International Airport (BDL) services all major airlines, as well as bargain priced Southwest ( ~ sign up for their e-mails); and Jet Blue ( ~ sign up for their e-mails as well). Bradley is only 55 minutes from Clinton by car. Folks can also fly into New York’s JFK or LaGuardia; Rhode Island’s Warwick/Providence; or Boston’s Logan - and then rent a car or take an airport limo or train. Additionally, US Air flies into New Haven’s Tweed-NH Airport.

Clinton is also accessible by Metro North, from New York City’s Grand Central Station to New Haven -- and then Shoreline East from New Haven to Clinton (or any of the other nearby shoreline stations); and Amtrak, which has stops in New Haven and nearby Old Saybrook. 

And of course, you can always get there by car -- to Exit 63 or 64 on I-95.

Check it out!

Peggy Adler

A Compilation of Places to Stay in the Clinton Area


The following pages contain photo journals of
The 2014 Bryan and Texas A&M Dum-Dum hosted by Brad and Pat Vinson
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ECOF 2014 was hosted by Rudy Sigmund in Fargo, ND JUNE 19-22

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2013 Dum-Dum in Louisville, Kentucky: August 8-11


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9. Departure and Journey Home ERBzine 4549


Special Guest
Mike Hoffman

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Mike Hoffman Collage

The 2012 Centennial Celebrations were a terrific success.
Visit ERBzine to see hundreds of photos and reports of these events.
Also see links to the ERBzine Reports below.
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Hollywood Screening ~ Mingling ~ Presentations and Panels 
Burroughs Bibliophiles Meeting and Auction ~ ERB Commemorative Stamp Ceremony
Tarzan Yell Contest ~ Banquet ~ Guest Speakers: Jane Goodall and Jim Morris
Tarzana Dum-Dum 2012: August 16-18
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Intro to 16 Webpages Coverage
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FESTIVAL 1 : 2 : 3 : 4 : 5: 6 : 7 : 8 : 9 : 10  : 11 : Songbook : Doc Stories
Tracy Griffin, Robin Maxwell,  Jim Sullos, Denny Miller and John Ralston Burroughs
were in Louisville on October 28th for book signing at the Burroughs Memorial Collection.
The event was hosted by George McWhorter - Curator of the ERB Memorial Collection at the Ekstrom Library University of Louisville and was attended by many ERB fans and scholars. Sunday, October 28, 2012
ERBzine 3899 REPORT
Dr. Stan Galloway's Tarzan Centennial Conference
Bridgewater College, Bridgewater, VA ~ November 1-4, 2012
Guests: Denny Miller ~ Henry Franke ~ DJ Howell ~ Ellen Vartanoff ~ Jonathan Atkins ~ Lee Strong ~ Rand Muender ~ Chuck Early ~ Demo Sachlas ~ Jim Sullos ~ John Ralston Burroughs ~ Huck Huckenpohler, Lee Strong ~ Stan Galloway
ERBzine 3939 REPORT

Photos and Reports from Conventions Past
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What is ECOF?
English fan ~ Frank Shonfeld ~ established a loose network of pen pals
who shared his love for Burroughs, the man and his works.
He eventually named this group the
Edgar Rice Burroughs Chain of Friendship (ECOF).
See the Shonfeld story in ERBzine 1159

Visit ERBzine 0839 to see Photo Journals on Previous Gatherings

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