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JOHN CARTER: WARLORD OF MARS: Marvel II ~ Issues 11-28


April 1978
“Special Issue!
The Origin of Dejah Thoris!”
The Story of... Dejah Thoris (Cockrum & Nebres)
A Special Saga of Barsoomian Proportions
Barsoomian Chronicles - letters page

May 1978
“City of the Dead”
City of Skulls 
(Infantino & Nebres)
Barsoomian Chronicles - letters page


June 1978
“’There can be no escape! John Carter must Die!’
Tars Tarkas Battles His Best Friend --
To The Death!
March of the Dead!”
March of the Dead! (Infantino & Nebres)

July 1978
“’Tars Tarkas! Barsoom is crumbling around us!’
This is the Day Helium Died!”
Tonight is the Night Helium Dies! (Infantino & Nebres)
Barsoomian Chronicles - letters page


August 1978
"The Prince of Helium Returns To His Home World! EARTH!
The History Holocaust (Simonson & Nebres)
Tales of Barsoom! (Andru & Giacoia)

September 1978
"'Woe be unto all Barsoom... John Carter is Dead!'"
The Master of Assassins 
(Colon & Nebres)
Ch. 1: John Carter is Dead


October 1978
"Trapped by the Savage Orovars!
What Price Victory?"
The Master Asssassin of Mars (Colon & Layton)
Ch. 2: What Price Victory?

November 1978
"Tars Tarkas Battles Alone"
The Master Assassin of Mars (Miller & McCleod)
Ch. 3: Meanwhile, Back in Helium!
Barsoomian Chronicles - letters page


December 1978
"War With The Wing-Men!"
The Master Assassin of Mars (Colon & Springer)
Ch. 4: The Valiant Die But Once!

January 1979
"Battle At The Bottom Of The World"
The Master Assassin of Mars (Colon)
Ch. 5: Battle at the Bottom of the World
Barsoomian Chronicles - letters page


February 1979
"The Claws of the Banth!"
The Master Assassin of Mars (Colon & Springer)
The Lady and the Lion!
Barsoomian Chronicles - letters page

March 1979
"What lurks at the end of Carter & Dejah's treacherous
eight mile climb from the Canyon of Despair!"
The Master Assassin of Mars (Vosburg & Villamonte)
Ch. 7: Climb to Freedom
Barsoomian Chronicles - letters page


April 1979
"Murder on Mars!"
The Master Assassin of Mars
(Vosburg & Villamonte)
Ch. 8: The Man Who Makes Murder
Barsoomian Chronicles - letters page

May 1979
"From the creator of Tarzan comes
Science-Fantasy's mightiest heroes!
Witness the excitement as John Carter, Dejah Thoris and
Tars Tarkas battle for their lives against the
Master Assassin of Mars! BETRAYAL!"
The Master Assassin of Mars (Vosburg & Villamonte)
Ch. 9: Betrayal!


July 1979
"He's Back!
Inferno! If Carter Fails -- Helium Dies"
(Vosburg & Villamonte)

August 1979
"'Death!' cries the Guild of Assassins"
The Master Assassin of Mars (Vosburg & Chan)
Ch. 11: Night of the Long Knives!
Welcome Back, Carter - letters page


September 1979
"Death Marathon"
The Master Assassin of Mars (Vosburg & Hands)
Ch. 12: Marathon of Death!
Barsoomian Chronicles - letters page

October 1979
"Guardians of the Lost City!"
The Weapon-Makers of Mars! (Hama & Villamonte)
Barsoomian Chronicles - letters page announcing end of series

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