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Tarzan Mini-Novels
61. DEATH TRAP!: Stalking the trapper, Tarzan stepped into an illegal lion trap. Hearing Tarzan fall, the trapper turned to fire but Cheetah, Tarzan's friend, jumped on him from a nearby tree and knocked him to the ground. The faithful chimp sat on the terrified hunter until Tarzan could free himself.

62. AMBUSHED: Tarzan was startled as the huge black form of the bull ape fell toward him. Quickly, Tarzan jumped to one side. The maddened animal missed the Ape-Man completely and fell to the ground. A narrow escape for the King of the Jungle!

63. INTERRUPTED CAT NAP: As he napped beneath the tree, Jai, Tarzan's friend, did not hear the hungry jungle cat approaching. Tarzan, sensing the danger, grabbed the beast and tossed it playfully back into the brush.

64. ESCAPING THE MAN-EATERS: Fleeing the pirate ship, Tarzan braved the shark-filled waters with the unconscious girl. A desperate knife stab by Tarzan wounded one shark and the Ape-Man reached shore safely as the man-eating sharks circled the pool of blood in the water.

65. SPEAK NOW OR DIE!: Only raw courage made Tarzan refuse to give the thieves the location of the lost diamond mine. Now Tarzan must depend upon his great strength to stay alive until his faithful Indian comrades could find and free him.

66. LORD OF THE JUNGLE: Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle, has devoted his life to keeping peace in the vast wilderness. Animals obey him, peaceful men honor him, and evil-doers fear him. All men respect the famous name of Tarzan.

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