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Tarzan Mini-Novels

31. AT THE BRINK: Alone, Tarzan faced the charging pirates as his friends climbed down the rope to safety. As the Ape-Man raised the pirate chief high above his head in a grip of iron, the cowardly crew turned and ran in fear of the great Tarzan.

32. NICK OF TIME: Breathlessly, the terrified native princess watched the starved lion prepare to spring. As if by a miracle, Tarzan appeared from nowhere. The Ape-Man swooped down on a vine and snatched the frightened girl from the jaws of death.

33. OVER THE FALLS: Tarzan and the criminal struggled as their boat neared the falls. The Ape-Man jumped clear as the boat went over. Safe on a jutting rock, Tarzan saw his opponent plunge into the pool far below.

34: BLACK FURY: Tarzan lay tangled in the vines, stunned by the charge of the elephant. He awoke to see a huge panther upon him. The Ape-Man's knife flashed, braced by his steel muscles, and struck once at the beast's heart.  Tarzan jumped up, grabbed the fearful girl and swung through the jungle vines to safety!

35. MAN AGAINST BEAST: Defending astronomer Arnold Broomall from a crazed gorilla, Tarzan faced mortal danger. As the huge beast charged forward, Tarzan braced for the attack. His knife was his only hope! Tarzan knew he had to win for his jungle friends who depended on him for safety.

36. PERIL IN THE PIT: Forced by enemy spears, Tarzan plunged into the deep sacrificial well. He filled his lungs with air and swam downward. Tearing out a rusted iron grate, the Ape-Man raced through an underground stream and into fresh air and freedom.

37. ACID BATH: With Tarzan securely tied above a tub of acid, the mine robbers escaped. Moments later two elephants answered Tarzan's call for help, uprooted the poles and lowered their friend to earth. Tarzan ran to the trees and started through the jungle after the thieves.

38. ONE CHANCE!: Now or never! Tarzan alone could stop the smuggler's ship! To avoid alarming the crew, Tarzan had to overcome the guard silently. If he could just reach the pilot house in time he would be able to disable the ship!

39. FROM ANOTHER AGE: Hunters had trapped a huge prehistoric bird. In a dramatic attempt to keep this unusual giant bird in the jungle, Tarzan stole into the hunter's camp. With his steel nerves, Tarzan ignored the bird's fierce claws and sharp beak and released the animal from its cage.

40. JAWS OF DEATH: There was no escape! With his back to the cliff wall, Tarzan challenged the giant reptiles. Eyeing the determined Ape-Man, the cowardly crocodiles slid off into the water to seek easier prey. Tarzan's reputation of great strength was known even to most animals!

From the Ron de Laat Collection
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