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21. DANGER LURKS ABOVE: The eyes of the hungry leopard fixed on the scientists below. Tarzan swung toward the beast from the side. The power and surprise of the attack knocked the cat from the tree just in time. The scientists thanked Tarzan for saving their lives.

22. PRISONER OF THE LOST TRIBE: The superstitious warriors of the Lost Tribe had trapped Tarzan. As natives performed the tribal Death Dance, the frightening jungle call of the Ape-Man brought Wongo, the bull ape, feared by the Lost Tribe, to his rescue. The warriors turned and ran...Tarzan was saved!

23. STOWAWAY!: The outlaw animal dealer fought the controls of his airplane... Why wouldn't the craft climb? A huge mountain loomed ahead. At the last possible moment, Tarzan dropped into a deep lake and swam to safety while the plane carried its passenger to his deserved doom.

24. STRIKE FIRST OR DIE: The huge starved reptiles, unleashed by the game poachers Tarzan was tracking, closed in on the Ape-Man. Tarzan's knife struck with great power and speed killing the reptiles before they could strike. The jungle was safe again!

25. THE APE ARENA: Blood-curdling shouts echoed through the arena as Tarzan, unarmed, faced three enormous gorillas. Tarzan could not hope to win but only to stay out of their crushing grasp until help arrived. He sent his familiar bellowing call through the jungle. Tarzan knew help would arrive in time!

26. DARING RESCUE: Tarzan silently approached the stockade of the rebel tribe. With time running out, Tarzan vaulted the fence, cut the missionary's bonds and raced with her to the jungle in a rain of spears and arrows. As he swung through the jungle vines, Tarzan knew he and the girl were safe at last!

27. LIGHTNING ATTACK: Locked in mortal combat, the mighty Tarzan slipped from the grasp of the bull ape and applied a wrestling hold. The speed of the attack stunned the gorilla long enough to allow the Ape-Man to escape.

28. FROZEN STIFF: When Tarzan burst into the laboratory, his muscles were instantly frozen by the terrifying Ice Gun. Tarzan's companion, Dr. Daly, had slipped in a back entrance and was able to turn off the power and save the Ape-Man. Tarzan overpowered the men and turned them over to the law.

29. GAMBLE WITH DEATH: The kidnappers' plane was already rolling when Tarzan leaped on a cycle and raced after it. Almost too late he jumped, grabbed a wing strut and with his extra weight forced the small aircraft down. Tarzan overpowered the criminal and turned him over to the law!

30. THE GIANT SPIDER: Searching the ancient tomb, archaeologist William Howard and his daughter Nancy walked headlong into a gigantic spider web. Tarzan's keep ears heard their cries. He rushed in, lifted an enormous boulder, and crushed the horrible insect. Tarzan had saved the lives of two grateful people!

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