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Tarzan Mini-Novels

11. FIRE FROM SPACE: As he led the lost Indian Princess across the last mountain barrier to safety, Tarzan paused as a gigantic fire-ball crashed into the valley. What new danger and adventure did this strange space visitor bring? But Tarzan was not afraid!

12. EVERYBODY OUT!: As the smugglers watched for danger in the tree-tops, Tarzan crawled on the ground in front of the jeep. With one mighty heave he turned the machine on its end, throwing the men to the ground. The avenging Ape-Man had prevented their escape.

13. DEATH RIDE: With the leap of a jungle cat, Tarzan dodged the huge sword and grabbed the saddle of the kidnapper. The famous Jungle Lord's straining muscles slowed the huge horse as he cut the saddle strap with his knife. The frightened mine-owner's daughter was safely returned to her terrified father.

14. GRIM ENDING: Tarzan climbed up the tower toward the power lines as the fugitive fired his gun. His ammunition gone, the criminal raised a huge wrench to strike the Ape-Man. But 10,000 volts stiffened the criminal as he accidentally touched the wire above. Tarzan jumped to safety just in time!

15. TERROR IN THE TREES: The shadow became a giant man-like ape. Tarzan ran forward to meet the unknown terror that had been preying on his jungle friends. Tarzan knew his quick movements and fighting ability would overcome the brute strength of the beast. Tarzan was not afraid.

16. TUG OF DEATH: Bound to four horses, Tarzan saw the merciless high priest signal. The Ape-Man braced his enormous muscles. Minutes passed and the exhausted horses fell to the ground one by one. Though still captive, Tarzan was alive and would soon find a way to escape.

17. FIERY FINISH?: The flames leaped higher as Tarzan fought the ropes holding him to the stake. All hope seemed lost as the terrible Headhunters, all eyes on the fire, failed to hear Tarzan's Indian friends quietly approaching their camp for rescue. Tarzan would be saved!

18. WATERY GRAVE: Trailing a hunted criminal across a river, Tarzan streaked up through the shark-filled water and overturned the murderer's boat. One swing of the King of the Jungle's mighty arm knocked the hunted man into a school of sharks, instantly sending him to his deserved fate.

19. GOOD VS. EVIL: Frightened Indians had called Tarzan to stop the fearsome Iron Man. In a battle which shook the jungle, the Ape-Man finally defeated the unknown terror and unmasked him as just another greedy criminal preying on the innocent natives.

20. DESPERATE GAMBLE: Tarzan was thrown into the bull ring by mad hunters who hoped he would meet his death. Tarzan was set to spring as the huge bull thundered toward him. At the last instant, he leaped over the animal's back and the bull crashed into the arena wall. The bull was dead and Tarzan was safe!
From the Ron de Laat Collection
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