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Tarzan Mini-Novels

1. CALL OF THE JUNGLE: Powerful as he is, Tarzan calls often for help from his human and animal friends in the jungle. His call echoing through the jungle brings instant help from man and beast alike.

2. HUMAN SACRIFICE: Leading an army of howing apes, Tarzan rushed the sacrificial temple. He savagely fought off the priests and cut the bonds of the imprisoned scientist. The apes held off the Indians as Tarzan and his resuced friend raced free.

3. IDOL RETURNED: To the Indians it was a priceless idol; to the thieves it was a fortune in gold! After a desperate battle, Tarzan rescued the statue and, with his enormous strength, returned it intact to the grateful Indians. Tarzan had many friends.

4. TARZAN VS TARZAN: After finally tracking down the arch criminal masquerading as himself, Tarzan knew he must capture the evil-doer to clear his name. Fierce anger drove the King of the Jungle against the imposter. There could be only one Tarzan, the real one!

5. NEARLY ENTOMBED: With a thundering roar, the mine timbers began to bend and crumble. Tarzan hlep up the beams for precious seconds as others ran clear. Amid the crash of the earth and timber, the Ape-Man rolled and crawled to safety.

6. INCHES FROM DEATH: With her oars gone, the girl drifted helplessly in the river filled with crocodiles. Tarzan, swimming to her aid, was attacked by a giant crocodile. Tarzan applied a paralyzing grip, struck the death blow with his trusty knife.

7. DEATH MARCH: Mistaking Tarzan for the hunter who had wounded him, the pain-crazed lion charged! As Tarzan swung on a vine to safety, the huge cat, beyond all help, sank to the ground in death. Tarzan was sorry that the jungle had lost another animal.

8. NO TIME TO LOSE!: Out of the muddy river rose the frightening head of a gian hippopotamus. The girl screamed, her small boat swaying int he rushing current. Tarzan dove into the water and guided the craft safely away from the ugly monster.

9. UNEXPECTED DETOUR: Tarzan hurried on a mission of mercy. Suddenly, swinging across a river filled with deadly crocodiles, the vine broke. Lightning-fast action saved the Ape-Man as he twisted in mid-air and grabbed a tree branch barely above the water.

10. THE MAD ELEPHANT: Sir Edward had been left by superstitious natives as sacrifice to the mad elephant. Tarzan, knowing the the beast was wounded, arrived just in time and with a quick knife stroke put the animal oiut of its misery. The famed British explorer thanked Tarzan for saving his life!

From the Ron de Laat Collection

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