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Issue 0582
Scenes 31-45
Copyright T.C.G  Ptd. in U.S.A.
Courtesy Sol Lesser Productions, Inc.
While the attention of Tarzan and the rest of the safari is attracted to the ruins of the jungle village, the brightly painted cannibals sneak up behind them. There is a hiss of air and a sudden thud, as a spear zooms through the air.  Tarzan turns, and shouts, "Run! Run into the jungle! The cannibals are attacking!" Shrieks fill the air as the vicious natives press in towards the safari!
The guns of the safari are able to keep the shrieking cannibals back for a moment. Then an arrow finds its mark, and Edwards falls to the ground. Tarzan gives hurried orders.  "Carry him into the jungle. I will try to lead the cannibals in another direction." The safari runs and Tarzan is left all alone. He will have to defeat the cannibals by himself! They close in.
The cannibals are close to Tarzan when the ape-man makes a sudden leap, reaching a low-hanging limb. With quick movements, he climbs to the top of the tree and reaches a stout vine.  Grabbing the vine, he lets himself swing down, running right into the surprised cannibals, scattering them as though they were bowling pins! Then he races on ahead to join the rest of the safari!
When Tarzan reaches the rest of the safari, the cannibals are close behind. They come closer and closer . . . and ten suddenly stop. Jane cannot understand why the cannibals do not attack.  Tarzan looks behind him and whispers. "It is the Wazuri . . . the natives we have been looking for! Even the cannibals are afraid of the Wazuri!"  And as the fierce Wazuri step forward, the cannibals run.
The fierce Wazuri warriors face the members of Tarzan's safari, hatred showing from their eyes. They step closer, and Tarzan holds up his hand in a signal of friendship.  "I am Tarzan," he says. "My father lived in peace among you, many years ago. My friends and I have come to talk to your chief." The Wazuri look at each other and motion to the safari to come on. 
The fierce Wazuri warriors capture Tarzan's safari and lead them into the Wazuri village. They move through the streets, knowing that danger is all around them. Then they are led to a hut where they are made prisoners.  One of the warriors approaches Tarzan and says, "You come with us. Witchdoctor will speak with you!" Soon, Tarzan is facing the wildly-painted witchdoctor.
Tarzan faces the witchdoctor of the Wazuri tribe. He is going to throw his mystic bones to decide whether or not to kill all the members of Tarzan's safari. They are being held prisoner.  Moving very slowly, the witchdoctor holds the bones towards the fire. Then he shouts and tosses the bones on the ground before him. As they fall, he shrieks, "They must die!"
Jane, Tarzan's little friend, Joe, and the two enemies of Tarzan . . . Rockoff and Edwards . . . are being held prisoner in the Wazuri hut. They look down at the fire below, where Tarzan is talking to the witchdoctor.  They can't help but wonder what decision is being made. Are they to be killed?  They don't know that the witchdoctor has decided that they all die on the torture machine!
One of the members of Tarzan's safari has been tied down to the horrible torture machine of the Wazuris.  The witchdoctor is about to give the order for the sharp spikes to be lowered, when an old man steps forward with Tarzan.  "These people are friends," says the old man. "I remember Tarzan's father when, long ago, he used to live here. Take them to the chief!"
The old man takes Tarzan before the chief of the Wazuri. He explains that he remembers Tarzan's father when, long ago, he used to live with the Wazuri. Because of that, he thinks Tarzan's safari should be treated as friends.  The Wazuri Chief is not sure. If Tarzan is really the son of their old friend, he will have a copy of his father's bible. Tarzan has to get it!
Because an old man in the Wazuri tribe remembers Tarzan, the rest of Tarzan's safari is brought into the Wazuri temple to face the chief. Rokoff and Edwards, the two crooks, are amazed when they enter the place. "Look at this," whispers Rokoff. "Diamonds all over the place. There must be a fortune here for the taking. It's just what we've been looking for."
Tarzan and the old man are facing the chief of the Wazuris in the Wazuri temple of diamonds. The Chief says, "I will not believe that you are friends of the Wazuris until you can show me the bible belonging to your father."  The old man turns to Tarzan and says, "I know where it is. A long journey from here." The Chief grunts, 'Then go. We will hold your friends until you return!"
On the hut where Jane and the others are being held prisoner by the Wazuri, Cheeta manages to steal the passport held by Edwards, the man who is pretending to be Tarzan's cousin. Cheeta shows the passport to Jane.  Jane realizes that the photograph in the passport is not a picture of Edwards. Now she knows that Edwards is a crook. Rokoff, the other crook, grabs it from her hands!
When Rokoff realizes that Jane has discovered he is a crook, he decides not to wait any longer before trying to steal the diamonds from the Wazuris. "I can make better magic than their witchdoctor can," says Rokoff.  He rushes out of the hut and soon gathers a crowd of Wazuris. He does one magic trick after another, and soon they think he is too good a witchdoctor to be a prisoner!
The two crooks, Rokoff and Edwards, sneak into the temple of the Wazuris. Diamonds glitter all around them and they start to fill a large chest with the precious stones.   They are so busy that they don't notice someone else enter the temple behind them. It is the Wazuri witchdoctor! Then, Rokoff turns with sudden surprise. He advances towards the witchdoctor smiling.
A small illustrated feature found on the back of each of the
Tarzan's Savage Fury 3-D Trading Cards.
31. The meanest animal in Africa is the swamp buffalo. When wounded, he plunges into the brush and circles back on the hunter, then charges.

32. The Fuzzy Wuzzy is a handsome and courageous warrior. He carries a sword like that of the Crusaders. Only death can stop his fierce charge.

33. Among the hill tribes a warrior must prove his manhood by entering the cruel wrestling tournaments after which even the winner is beaten.

34. The African coast native sometimes ships out on Arab dhows and is a fine sailor, climbing the dizzy height of the lateen sail with ease.

35. The African, being a good swimmer, often hires out as a pearl diver. He wears red and blue beads as a charm against the big man-eating sharks.

36. Some of the rivers of Africa are raging torrents, pulled by the power of giant falls. Here the natives build barriers and trap large fish.

37. The native of Africa is proud of his strength and there are many inter-tribal contests not the least of which is the dangerous stick fight.

38. Roaming the forests of Central Africa, the wily pygmy bowman expertly selects a tree from which he may kill game without danger of injury.

39. In Central Africa, there is a region of extremes. Here live the tiny monkey and the huge gorilla, the little pygmy and the giant Wattussi.

40. No one enters the heart of Africa without the knowledge of the native, for the drum is the jungle telegraph -- swift, accurate and complete.

41. The witch doctor, a poison expert, is so feared by the other tribesmen, they sometimes die of fright from a warning of approaching doom.

42. When the swamp people or plainsmen dare enter the jungle or invade the mountain fastness, they may well be greeted with a spear and arrow.

43. Africa, the land of oddity, with desert and snowy mountain, where the tiny pygmy slays the giants of the jungle with a little poisoned arrow.

44. Justice is swift and sure in Africa, and the wrongdoer is relentlessly pursued by the best trackers who notice every bent blade of grass.

45. The cattle-raising tribes hate the leopard and hunt him down without mercy. He is very hard to kill because he charges in zigzag spurts.

                           from the Internet Movie Data Base

                            1.Wo alle Wege enden (1973) (TV) .... Charlie McKinley
                            2.Aoom (1970) .... Ristol
                              ... aka Muñeca asesina, La (1970) (Spain: video title)
                            3.Wenn du bei mir bist (1970) .... Captain Hannes Schneider
                            4.Winnetou und Shatterhand im Tal der Toten (1968) .... Old Shatterhand
                              ... aka Uomo dal lungo fucile, L' (1968) (Italy)
                              ... aka Winnetou and Shatterhand in the Valley of Death (1968) (USA)
                            5.Schlangengrube und das Pendel, Die (1967) .... Roger Mont Elise/Roger von
                             ... aka Blood Demon, The (1967) (USA)
                              ... aka Castle of the Walking Dead (1967)
                              ... aka Pendulum (1967)
                              ... aka Snake Pit and the Pendulum, The (1967)
                              ... aka Snake Pit, The (1967) (video title)
                              ... aka Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism, The (1967) (USA: TV title)
                              ... aka Torture Room, The (1967)
                            6.Mister Dynamit - morgen küßt Euch der Tod (1967) .... Bob Urban / Mister Dynamit
                              ... aka Die Slowly, You'll Enjoy It More (1967) (UK)
                              ... aka Mister Dinamita, mañana os besará la muerte (1967) (Spain)
                              ... aka Muori lentamente... te la godi di più (1967) (Italy)
                              ... aka Spy Today, Die Tomorrow (1967) (Europe: English title)
                            7.Woman Times Seven (1967) .... Rik
                              ... aka Sept fois femme (1967) (France)
                            8.Carnaval des barbouzes, Le (1966) .... Glenn Cassidy
                              ... aka Gern hab' ich die Frauen gekillt (1966) (Austria)
                              ... aka Killer's Carnival (1966) (USA)
                              ... aka Spie contro il mondo (1966) (Italy)
                              ... aka Spy Against the World (1966) (International: English title: informal literal title)
                              ... aka Where Are You Taking That Woman (1966)
                            9.Winnetou und das Halbblut Apanatschi (1966) .... Old Shatterhand
                              ... aka Giorno più lungo di Kansas City, Il (1966) (Italy)
                              ... aka Half-Breed (1973) (USA)
                           10.Wer kennt Jonny R.? (1966) .... Johnny Ringo/Sam Dobie
                              ... aka 5000$ für den Kopf von Jonny R. (1966)
                              ... aka Balada de Johnny Ringo, La (1968) (Spain)
                              ... aka Wer kennt Jonny Ringo? (1966)
                              ... aka Who Killed Johnny Ringo (1966)
                              ... aka Who Knows Jonny R.? (1966)
                           11.Im Reich des silbernen Löwen (1965) .... Kara Ben Nemsi
                              ... aka Ataque de los kurdos, El (1968) (Spain)
                              ... aka Attack of the Kurds (1965) (International: English title)
                           12.Twenty-Four Hours to Kill (1965) .... Captain Jamie Faulkner
                              ... aka 24 Hours to Kill (1965)
                           13.Winnetou III (1965) .... Old Shatterhand
                              ... aka Desperado Trail (1965) (Italy)
                              ... aka Desperado Trail, The (1965)
                              ... aka Vinetu III (1965) (Yugoslavia: Serbian title)
                           14.Durchs wilde Kurdistan (1965) .... Kara Ben Nemsi
                              ... aka Salvaje Kurdistán, El (1965) (Spain)
                              ... aka Wild Kurdistan (1965) (UK)
                           15."F.B.I., The" (1965) TV Series .... Owen Stuart
                           16.Hölle von Manitoba, Die (1965) .... Clint Brenner
                              ... aka Glory City (1965)
                              ... aka Lugar llamado 'Glory', Un (1965)
                              ... aka Place Called Glory, A (1966) (USA)
                           17.Pyramide des Sonnengottes, Die (1965) .... Dr. Karl Sternau
                              ... aka Mercenaires du rio grande, Les (1965/II)
                              ... aka Violenti di Rio Bravo, I (1965/II)
                           18.Schatz der Azteken, Der (1965) .... Dr. Karl Sternau
                              ... aka Mercenaires du rio grande, Les (1965/I)
                              ... aka Treasure of the Aztecs, The (1965)
                              ... aka Violenti di Rio Bravo, I (1965/I)
                           19.Victim Five (1964) .... Steve Martin
                              ... aka Code 7, Victim 5 (1964) (USA)
                              ... aka Table Bay (1964)
                           20.Winnetou II (1964) .... Old Shatterhand
                              ... aka Giorni di fuoco (1964) (Italy)
                              ... aka Last of the Renegades (1964) (UK)
                              ... aka Trésor des montagnes bleues, Le (1964) (France)
                              ... aka Vinetu II (1964)
                           21.Schut, Der (1964) .... Kara Ben Nemsi
                              ... aka Au pays des Skipétars (1964) (France)
                              ... aka Carabina per Schut, Una (1964) (Italy)
                              ... aka Shoot, The (1994) (USA: video title)
                              ... aka Sut (1964) (Yugoslavia: Serbian title)
                              ... aka Yellow Devil (1964) (USA: US version)
                           22.Boia di Venezia, Il (1963) .... SAndrigo Bembo
                              ... aka Blood of the Executioner (1963) (UK)
                              ... aka Executioner of Venice, The (1963)
                           23.Kali Yug, la dea della vendetta (1963) .... Major Ford
                              ... aka Goddess of Vengeance (1963)
                              ... aka Kali Yug: Die Göttin der Rache (1964) (West Germany)
                              ... aka Kali-Yug, déesse de la vengeance (1963) (France)
                              ... aka Vengeance of Kali (1963) (USA: TV title)
                           24.Mistero del tempio indiano, Il (1963) .... Major Ford
                              ... aka Kali Yug - Aufruhr in Indien (1964) (West Germany)
                              ... aka Kali Yug, le mystère du temple hindou (1963) (France)
                           25.Old Shatterhand (1963) .... Old Shatterhand
                              ... aka Apaches Last Battle (1963) (UK)
                              ... aka Shatterhand (1963)
                           26.Todesauge von Ceylon, Das (1963) .... Larry Stone
                              ... aka Scarlet Eye (1963) (USA)
                              ... aka Storm Over Ceylon (1963) (UK)
                              ... aka Tempesta su Ceylon (1963) (Italy)
                           27.Winnetou I (1963) .... Old Shatterhand
                              ... aka Apache Gold (1965) (USA)
                              ... aka Vinetu I (1963) (Yugoslavia: Serbian title)
                              ... aka Winnetou the Warrior (1963) (UK)
                           28.Frühstück im Doppelbett (1963) .... Victor H. Armstrong
                              ... aka Breakfast in Bed (1963) (USA)
                           29.Frauenarzt Dr. Sibelius (1962) .... Dr. Georg Sibelius
                              ... aka Dr. Sibelius (1962) (International: English title)
                           30.Schatz im Silbersee, Der (1962) .... Old Shatterhand
                              ... aka Blago u srebrnom jezeru (1962) (Yugoslavia: Serbian title)
                              ... aka Treasure of Silver Lake (1965) (USA)
                           31.Unsichtbaren Krallen des Dr. Mabuse, Die (1962) .... Joe Como
                              ... aka Invisible Claws of Dr. Mabuse, The (1962) (International: English title: literal title)
                              ... aka Invisible Dr. Mabuse, The (1965) (USA)
                              ... aka Invisible Horror, The (1966) (USA: reissue title)
                           32.Marco Polo (1961)
                           33.Segreto dello sparviero nero, Il (1961) .... Captain Don Carlos de Herrera
                           34.Im Stahlnetz des Dr. Mabuse (1961) .... Joe Como
                              ... aka F.B.I. contro Dr. Mabuse (1961)
                              ... aka FBI Vs. Dr. Mabuse, The (1961)
                              ... aka In the Steel Cabinet of Dr. Mabuse (1961)
                              ... aka In the Steel Net of Dr. Mabuse (1961)
                              ... aka Phantom Fiend (1961)
                              ... aka Phantom Meets the Return of Dr. Mabuse, The (1961)
                              ... aka Retour du docteur Mabuse, Le (1961) (France)
                              ... aka Return of Dr. Mabuse, The (1961)
                           35.Secreto de los hombres azules, El (1961) .... Fred
                              ... aka Caravane pour Zagota (1961) (France)
                              ... aka Trésor des hommes bleus, Le (1961) (France)
                           36.Cavaliere dei cento volti, Il (1960) .... Riccardo d'Arce
                           37.Pirati della costa, I (1960) .... Luis Monterey
                              ... aka Pirates of the Barbary Coast (1960)
                              ... aka Pirates of the Coast (1960) (USA)
                           38.Robin Hood e i pirati (1960) .... Robin Hood
                              ... aka Robin Hood and the Pirates (1960) (USA)
                           39.Dolce vita, La (1960) .... Robert
                              ... aka Dolce vita, La (1960) (France)
                              ... aka Douceur de vivre, La (1960) (France: alternative title)
                           40.Capitan Fuoco (1959) .... Pietro
                              ... aka Captain Falcon (1959) (USA)
                           41.Mission in Morocco (1959) .... Bruce Reynolds
                           42.Scimitarra del Saraceno, La (1959) .... The Dragon Drakut
                              ... aka Pirate and the Slave Girl, The (1959) (USA)
                           43.Terrore della maschera rossa (1959) .... Marco
                              ... aka Terror of the Red Mask (1959) (USA)
                           44.Figlio del corsaro rosso, Il (1958) .... Enrico di Ventimiglia
                              ... aka Son of the Red Corsair (1958) (USA)
                              ... aka Son of the Red Pirate, The (1958) (USA)
                           45.Strange Awakening (1958) .... Peter Chance
                              ... aka Female Fiends (1958) (USA)
                              ... aka Operation Red Head (1958)
                              ... aka Requiem for a Red Head (1958)
                           46.Girl in the Kremlin, The (1957) .... Steve Anderson
                           47.Jungle Heat (1957) .... Dr. Jim Ransom
                           48.Deerslayer, The (1957) .... Deerslayer
                           49.Girl in Black Stockings, The (1957) .... David Hewson
                              ... aka Wanton Murder (1957) (USA)
                           50.War Drums (1957) .... Mangas Coloradas
                           51.Price of Fear, The (1956) .... Dave Barrett
                              ... aka Cry Innocent (1956)
                           52.Away All Boats (1956) .... Commander Quigley
                           53.Duel on the Mississippi (1955) .... Andre Tulane
                           54.Man from Bitter Ridge, The (1955) .... Jeff Carr
                           55.Yellow Mountain, The (1954) .... Andy Martin
                           56.Misteri della jungla nera, I (1953) .... Tremal Naik
                              ... aka Black Devils of Kali (1955) (USA: reissue title)
                              ... aka Mystery of the Black Jungle (1955) (USA)
                              ... aka Vendetta dei Tughs, La (1953) (Italy: alternative title)
                           57.Thunder Over the Plains (1953) .... Captain Bill Hodges
                           58.Tarzan and the She-Devil (1953) .... Tarzan
                           59.Battles of Chief Pontiac (1952) .... Kent McIntire
                           60.Tarzan's Savage Fury (1952) .... Tarzan
                              ... aka Tarzan, the Hunted (1952)
                           61.No Questions Asked (1951) (voice) .... Theatre Patron
                           62.Tarzan's Peril (1951) .... Tarzan
                              ... aka Jungle Queen (1951)
                              ... aka Tarzan and the Jungle Queen (1951) (UK)
                              ... aka Tarzan's Mate in Peril (1951) (USA)
                           63.Tarzan and the Slave Girl (1950) .... Tarzan
                              ... aka Tarzan and the Jungle Queen (1950) (USA)
                           64.Tarzan's Magic Fountain (1949) .... Tarzan
                              ... aka Tarzan and the Arrow of Death (1949) (USA)
                           65.Return of the Bad Men (1948) .... Emmett Dalton
                              ... aka Return of the Badmen (1948) (International: English title)
                           66.Velvet Touch, The (1948) .... Paul Banton
                           67.Mr. Blandings Builds His Dream House (1948) .... Carpenter Foreman
                           68.Dick Tracy Meets Gruesome (1947) .... City Hospital Driver
                              ... aka Dick Tracy Meets Karloff (1947)
                              ... aka Dick Tracy's Amazing Adventure (1947) (UK)
                           69.Unconquered (1947) (uncredited) .... Royal American officer
                           70.Under the Tonto Rim (1947) .... Deputy Joe
                           71.Crossfire (1947) .... Harry
                           72.Farmer's Daughter, The (1947) .... Olaf Holstrom
                           73.Do You Love Me (1946) .... Cameo appearance
                           74.Two Guys from Milwaukee (1946) (uncredited) .... Usher
                              ... aka Royal Flush (1946) (UK)
                           75.Cloak and Dagger (1946) (uncredited) .... Mr. Cooper's Lightdouble
                           76.Doll Face (1945) .... Coast Guard
                              ... aka Come Back to Me (1945) (UK)

Lex Barker Movie List
From e-online
Dawn of the Pirates  (1976)
The Torture Chamber of Dr. Sadism  (1967)
A Place Called Glory  (1966)
Wild Men of Kurdistan  (1966)
Killer's Carnival  (1965)
Vengeance of Kali  (1965)
24 Hours to Kill  (1965)
Apache Gold  (1965)
Castle of the Walking Dead  (1964)
Apaches Last Battle  (1964)
The Shoot  (1964)
Captain Falcon  (1964)
Fury of the Sabers  (1964)
The Executioner of Venice  (1963)
Son of the Red Cosair  (1963)
Pirate and The Slave Girl  (1962)
Pirates of the Coast  (1961)
Return of Dr. Mabuse  (1961)
The Invisible Dr. Mabuse  (1960)
Terror of the Red Mask  (1960)
The Knight of 100 Faces  (1960)
Robin Hood and The Pirates  (1960)
Mission in Morocco  (1959)
Strange Awakening  (1959)
Killers of the East  (1958)
Girl in Black Stockings  (1957)
The Deerslayer  (1957)
The Girl in the Kremlin  (1957)
War Drums  (1957)
Jungle Heat  (1957)
Away All Boats  (1956)
The Price of Fear  (1956)
The Man From Bitter Ridge  (1955)
Duel on the Mississippi  (1955)
Black Devils of Kali  (1954)
The Yellow Mountain  (1954)
Battles of Chief Pontiac  (1953)
Tarzan and The She-Devil  (1953)
Thunder Over the Plains  (1953)
Tarzan's Savage Fury  (1952)
Tarzan's Peril  (1951)
Tarzan and The Slave Girl  (1950)
Tarzan's Magic Fountain  (1949)
Return of the Bad Men  (1948)


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