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Volume 0776

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Burroughs started writing this novel on October 2, 1929
under the working title of The Dancing Girl of the Leper King.
It was released as a 5-part serial in Blue Book Magazine
under the title of The Land of Hidden Men.


Blue Book Magazine ~ May through September 1931 "The Dancing Girl of the Leper King."
    Laurence Herndon: cover art on first issue ~ Frank Hoban: seven interiors in each issue.
ERB, Inc. ~ April 15, 1932 ~ 318 pages ~ Print Run: 5,333 ~ Estimated word count: 67,000
    Studley O. Burroughs: DJ art and six interior b/w plates
Grosset & Dunlap ~ 1933 ~ 318 pages
    Studley O. Burroughs: DJ art and FOUR interiors
Grosset & Dunlap ~ 1940 ~ No interior b/w plates
Ace Paperback: The Land of the Hidden Men ~ October 1963 ~ 191 pages
    Roy G. Krenkel, Jr.: Cover art
Ace Paperback: The Land of the Hidden Men ~ 1969 ~ 217 pages
    Roy G. Kenkel, Jr.: Cover art
Ace Paperback: The Land of the Hidden Men ~ January 1973 - 1978 ~ 191 pages
    Frank Frazetta: Cover art
Tandem UK ~ 1976 ~ 191 pages
Ballantine-Del Rey ~ November 1992 ~ 200 pages
    Michael Herring cover art
For detailed information see:Robert Zeuschner's
ERB: The Exhaustive Scholarís and Collectorís Descriptive Bibliography
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Jungle Girl (The Land of Hidden Men)
Adventure in the lost city of a secret kingdom. Even today, Asia, vast continent of ancient civilizations and mysterious peoples, has many corners little known to the rest of the world. Gordon King, a daring young American explorer, stumbles upon the thousands year-old secret of THE LAND OF HIDDEN MEN. The dangers he has to face, his rescue of a jungle princess and his combat against the warriors of the lost city of Pnom Dhek are thrilling as told by the last exciting line. "There are other things deep in the jungle, my lord, that no man may look upon and live." Within the dark shadows of the jungle the ruins of their cities still stand, and down the dark aisles of the forest pass the ancient kings and warriors and little sad-faced queens on ghostly elephants. We might escape My Lord the Tiger and the wild elephants, but no man may look upon the ghost of the dead Khmers and live. But Gordon King, child of the twentieth century, was not to be frightened away by what seemed foolish superstition. The young American was soon to find what a courageous man might easily enter the treacherous depths of the jungle, but it was quite another matter as to weather he might ever come out again, alive.


Blue Book: May 1931 - Land of the Hidden Men 1/5Pulp title piece by Frank Hoban

Original Herndon Oil and Finished Blue Book Cover


Frank Hoban pulp illustrationStudley O. Burroughs interior illustration
Boston Post Sunday Magazine ~ Dec. 10, 1933Rex Maxon illo (computer composite) from Boston Post Sunday Magazine
Boston Post Sunday Magazine ~ Dec. 10, 1933 with Rex Maxon illo (computer composite)

ERB, Inc. 1st Edition
G and D Reprint dj
ERB, Inc. 1st EditionG and D Reprint

Ballantine-Del Rey PaperbackUK Tandem PaperbackJapanese Jungle Girl - Motoichiro Takebe

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The Land of Hidden Men ~ Jungle Girl
Frazetta ACE cover painting (click)


ACE F-232 | 1963




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Also Known As:
Edgar Rice Burrough's Jungle Girl (1941)
Tagline: Mistress of an empire of savages and beasts!
Runtime: (15 episodes) 
Directed by John English (I) ~ William Witney
Produced by Hiram S. Brown Jr.
Stunts: Yakima Canutt (Stunt Co-ordinator)
Writing credits: Edgar Rice Burroughs (novel)
Alfred Batson  ~ Ronald Davidson  ~ Norman S. Hall
William Lively ~ Joseph O'Donnell ~ Joseph F. Poland

Frances Gifford ~ Nyoka Meredith
Tom Neal ~ Jack Stanton
Trevor Bardette ~ Bradley Meredith/Dr. John Meredith
Gerald Mohr ~ Slick Latimer
Eddie Acuff ~ Curly Rogers
Frank Lackteen ~ Shamba
Tommy Cook ~ Kimbu
Robert Barron ~ Bombo
Al Kikume ~ Chief Lutembi
Bud Geary ~ Brock
Al Taylor ~ Claggett
Joe McGuinn ~ Ted Bone
Jerry Frank ~ The Lion Chief
Ken Terrell ~ Mananga (as Kenneth Terrell)
Jay Silverheels ~ Masamba Tribesman (as Harry Smith)

Plot Summary for Jungle Girl (1941)
Dr. John Meredith (Trevor Bardette) has been driven from civilization by the criminal activities of his twin brother Bradley Meredith (also Trevor Bardette). With his infant daughter, he settles in the African jungle, where his ability to cure the native ills has resulted in his virtual control of the Masamba tribes, who possess vast diamond mines coveted by a gang of crooks. They use Shamba (Frank Lackteen), a witch doctor jealous of Dr. Meredith's influence over the tribe, to further their schemes. They lure Dr. Meredith away from the jungle, and he is murdered by "Slick" Latimer (Gerald Mohr). The natives believe that a sacred amulet is the secret of Dr. Meredith's power, and Shamba attempts to kill Nyoka (Frances Gifford), Meredith's now-grown-up daughter, to obtain the amulet(which actually contains the secret to the entrance of the Caves of Nakros). Jack Stanton (Tom Neal) rescues her and assists her in her efforts to recover the amulet. Latimer works with Shamba, and with Bradley Meredith, who poses as his murdered-brother so successfully that even Nyoka does not realize the deception.
Summary written by Les Adams
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