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J. Allen St. John: Land That Time Forgot - 4 interior sepia plates
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(1. The Land That Time Forgot | 2. The People That Time Forgot | 3. Out of Time's Abyss)
Began Part 1 working title "The Lost U-Boat" in September 1917
Part 2 working title: "Cor Sva Jo."
Began Part 3 in May 1918
eText Edition: The Land That Time Forgot Trilogy


"The Land That Time Forgot": Blue Book Magazine: August 1918
"The People That Time Forgot": Blue Book Magazine: October 1918
"Out of Time's Abyss": Blue Book Magazine: December 1918
McClurg: June 14, 1924 ~ 422 pages ~ 1st Ed. Print Run: 10,000 ~ Total: 100,250 ~ Heins word count: 117,000
    J. Allen St. John dust jacket painting and four interior sepia plates
Grosset & Dunlap: 1925 ~ 422 pages
    J. Allen St. John dust jacket and THREE interior B/W plates
Amazing Stories: February, March, April 1927
    Frank R. Paul colour cover in first installment and B/W interior in each issue
Grosset & Dunlap: 1940 ~ 422 pages
    J. Allen St. John dust jacket but NO interiors
Canaveral Press: October 17, 1962 ~ 318 pages
    Mahlon Blaine dust jacket and seven B/W interiors
Dover Publications: April 1963 paperback and May 1963 hardcover with The Moon Maid ~ 552 pages
    J. Allen St. John dust jacket design and four B/W interiors
Ace paperback: July 1963 and reprints  ~ Part 1: The Land That Time Forgot ~ 126 pages
    Roy G. Krenkel cover and title page art
Ace paperback: August 1963 and reprints ~ Part 2: The People That Time Forgot ~ 124 pages
    Roy G. Kenkel cover and title page art
Ace paperback: September 1963 and reprints ~ Part 3: Out of Time's Abyss ~ 125 pages
    Roy G. Kenkel cover and title page art
Doubleday: June 1975 ~ Science Fiction Book Club / Movie Tie-in ~ 249 pages
    Dust jacket adapted from movie promo stills and six interior B/W film stills
Ace paperback third edition ~ Part 1 ~ 153 pages
    Frank Frazetta cover art
Ace paperback third edition: January 1973 ~ Part 2 ~ 125 pages
    Frank Frazetta cover art (first used on Beyond the Farthest Star)
Ace paperback third edition: March 1973 ~ Part 3 ~ 142 pages
    Frank Frazetta cover art (first used on Ace Land of Terror)
Ace paperback: January 1979: Part 1 ~ 153 pages
    Segrelles cover art
Ace paperback: Part 2: Movie Tie-In ~ 153 pages
    Movie poster cover and 16 B/W movie stills
Ace paperback: 1979 ~ Part 3 ~ 139 pages
    Segrelles cover art (www.segrelles.com)
Ballantine - Del Rey paperback: February 1992 ~ Part 1 ~ 138 pages
    Michael Herring cover art
Ballantine - Del Rey paperback: February 1992 ~ Part 2 ~ 134 pages
    Michael Herring cover art
Ballantine - Del Rey paperback: February 1992 ~ Part 3 ~ 138 pages
    Michael Herring cover art
Bison Books: 1999 ~ 428 pages ~ All three parts ~  Mike Resnik intro
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Caspak Series
Bowen Tyler's fabulous adventure began with a terror-haunted trip as a captive in an enemy submarine-only to end on the rocky shores of a monster-ridden lost world where time had stopped. Thus begins one of the most thrilling sciencefiction series that the creator of Barsoom and Tarzan ever conceived-the epic of the lost continent of Caprona and of the American who first set foot there.

A manuscript is recovered from a thermos off the coast of Greenland purporting to be the journal of Bowen J. Tyler, an American passenger on a ship sunk in the English Channel by the U-33, a German U-boat, in World War I 1916. He is rescued by a British tugboat with a female survivor, Lys La Rue. The tug is also sunk, but its crew manages to capture the German submarine after it surfaces. Unfortunately, the remaining British craft continue to regard the sub as an enemy, and they are unable to bring it to port. Sabotage to the navigation equipment sends the U-33 astray into the South Atlantic. The imprisoned German crew retakes the sub and begins a raiding cruise, only to be overcome again by the British. A saboteur continues to guide the sub off course, and by the time he is discovered, the U-boat is in Antarctic waters. The U-33 is low on fuel, with its provisions poisoned by the saboteur Bensen. A large island ringed by cliffs is discovered and identified as Caprona. A freshwater current guides the U-boat to a stream issuing from a subterranean passage, which they enter with the hope of replenishing the water supply. The U-boat surfaces into a tropical river teeming with primitive creatures extinct elsewhere. Attacked, it submerges again and travels upstream in search of a safe harbor. It enters a thermal inland sea, essentially a huge crater lake, whose heat sustains Capronaís tropical climate. As the sub travels north along the islandís waterways the climate moderates and wildlife undergoes an apparent evolutionary progression. On the shore of the lake the crew builds a palisaded base, dubbed Fort Dinosaur for the areaís prehistoric reptiles and fauna. The British and Germans agree to work together under Tyler, with Bradley, the mate from the tug, as second in command and Von Schoenvorts, the original sub commander, in control of the Germans. The castaways are attacked by horde of primative beast men and take prisoner Ahm, a Neanderthal. They learn that the native name for the island is Caspak. Oil is discovered, which they hope to refine into fuel for the U-33. As they set up operations, Bradley undertakes various explorations. During his absence Lys disappears and the Germans mutiny again, absconding with the submarine.

Tyler leaves the other survivors to find and ultimately rescue his British love interest. Reunited and stranded in a LAND THAT TIME FORGOTÖ

The Land That Time Forgot
The Land That Time Forgot: Bowen Tyler's fabulous adventure began with a terror-haunted trip as a captive in an enemy submarine-only to end on the rocky shores of a monster-ridden lost world where Time had stopped.

"...I have experienced a cosmic cycle, with all its changes and evolutionís for that which I have seen with my own eyes in this brief interval of time-things that no other mortal eye had seen before, glimpses of a world past, a world dead, a world so long dead that even in the lowest Cambrian stratum no trace of it remains. Fused with the melting inner crust, it has passed forever beyond the ken of man other than in that lost pocket of the Earth whither fate has borne me and where my doom is sealed."

Thus begins one of the most thrilling science-fiction series that the creator of Barsoom and Tarzan ever conceived-the epic of the lost continent of Caprona and of the American who first set foot there.

The People That Time Forgot: When Tom Billings set out to rescue Bowen Tyler from the lost continent of Caprona, he equipped himself with all the weaponry the modern world afforded, and a light hydroplane would allow him to scale the perilous wall surrounded the island: Modern Technology and American courage in a battle to the death against dinosaurs, cave-tigers and savage submen - in Caspak, the land of THE PEOPLE THAT TIME FORGOT. I'll never forget my first impressions of Caspak as I circled in, high over the surrounding cliffs. From the plane I looked down through a mist upon the blurred landscape beneath me...

I could see the surface of the water literally black with creatures of some sort... the general impression was of a vast army of amphibious monsters. The land was almost equally alive with crawling, leaping, running, flying things. It was one of the latter which nearly did it for me.... The first intimation I had of it was the sudden blotting out of the sunlight from above, and as I glanced quickly up, I saw a most terrific creature swooping down upon me. It must have been fully eighty feet long... with an equal spread of wings... It was coming straight down toward the muzzle of the machine-gun and I let it have it right in the breast; but still it came for me.....

Out of Time's Abyss: This is the tale of how the leader of the group, Bradley, was carried off by the flying men of Caprona, and deposited into the clutches of the diabolical Wieroos who used the skulls of their victims to pave the streets of their city.

Young traveler and adventurer Bowen Tyler has been marooned with his wife on Caspak, a mysterious and uncharted land far in the southern seas. Here Time's laws have been reversed, and the denizens of a thousand lost ages struggle for supremacy. Amidst these terrors, Bowen Tyler seeks to find and rescue his lovely wife.

By an uncanny stroke of luck, Tyler has contacted the outside world. To his aid came Tom Billings in a powerful seaplane, flying over the unscalable cliffs that wall Caspak from the world. But the tropic jungles of this weird valley are alive with a thousand dangers, and Billings, too, has become lost, leaving his associates, Bradley and the others, behind at the hastily-constructed "Fort Out of Timeís Abyss Dinosaur" to await his return with Bowen Tyler.


Blue Book - August 1918 - Land That Time ForgotAmazing: February 1927 - Land That Time Forgot

Ace paperback: Roy G. Krenkel artAce edition: Frank Frazetta artSegrelles cover art
Del Rey edition: Michael Herring cover artBison paperback edition

The People That Time ForgotOut of Time's Abyss
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J. Allen St. John


Mahlon Blaine
Cover and Nine Interiors
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