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Volume 0763
Limited fan publication: no cover art: Beyond ThirtyGil Kane: Beyond Thirty and the Man-Eater - no interior art
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ERB wrote this from July 8 - August 10, 1915 ~ Retitled The Lost Continent in paperback reprints


All Around Magazine: February 1916 ~ 61 pages ~ no illustrations
Lloyd A. Eshbach (Fantasy Press fanzine): 1955 ~ 57 pages ~ no illustrations
Beyond Thirty and The Man-Eater: Science-Fiction & Fantasy Publications (Bradford M. Day): 1957 ~ 229 pages ~ Word count estimate: 37,000.
    Gil Kane B/W dust jacket art ~ no interiors
REPRINT EDITIONS (with title change: The Lost Continent)
Ace paperback: October 1963 and later reprint~ 123 pages
    Frank Frazetta cover and title page art
Ace paperback larger format: March 1973 and later reprints  ~ 144 pages
Ace paperback: January 1979 ~ 141 pages
    Sanjulian cover art
Ballantine - Del Rey: September 1992 ~ 131 pages
    Michael Herring cover art
Bison Books (U of Nebraska Press: March 2001 ~ 123 pages
    R. W. Boeche cover art
For detailed information see:Robert Zeuschner's
ERB: The Exhaustive Scholarís and Collectorís Descriptive Bibliography
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Beyond Thirty (The Lost Continent)
For two hundred years, a civilized America had cut off all contact with the war-ruined Eastern Hemisphere until such places as Europe and Great Britain had become mere legends. Then Jefferson Turck dared take his U.S. aero-sub across the 30th Longitude West on the mission of a new Columbus, and a fascinating voyage of discovery. To civilized Americans of the 22nd Century, the Eastern Hemisphere exists only as fearsome legend. This mythical Europe became a wild collection of lands degenerated into barbarism long ago in a series of terrible wars. But to Lt. Jefferson Turck of the Pan American Navy, the lost continent has always held a strange fascination .... And so, undaunted, he sets out, a new Columbus -- this time sailing East to discover a land rich in peril, where the lion is king of beasts and men, but the queen is a beautiful barbarian worth the challenge of THE LOST CONTINENT.


All Around Magazine - February 1916 - Beyond Thirty

Lloyd A. Eshbach (Fantasy Press fanzine): 1955 ~ 57 pages ~ no illustrations

Ace edition: Frank Frazetta cover artAce edition: Sanjulian cover artDel Rey September 1992 edition: Michael Herring cover art
Bison Press edition: R. W. Boeche cover art ~ March 2001Tandem UK 1977 editionLost Continent (Beyond 30)

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