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Volume 0757
J. Allen St. John: Mucker - 5 b/w interiors
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ERB began work on part 1 sometime between August and October, 1913 ~ Part 2 on January 24, 1916


All-Story Cavalier Weekly: October 24, 31 & November 7, 14, 1914 ~ "The Mucker"
    P.J. Monahan front cover ~ no interiors
All-Story Weekly: June 17, 24 & July 1, 8, 15, 1916 ~ "The Return of the Mucker"
    P.J. Monahan front cover ~ no interiors ~ (working title: "Out There Somewhere" the title of a H.H. Knibbs poem
Methuen (UK): October 6, 1921: Pt. 1 The Mucker
A.C. McClurg:  October 31, 1921 ~ 414 pages ~ US 1st Ed. Print Run: 17,000 ~ Total: 122,830 ~ Heins word count: 138,000
    J. Allen St. John: DJ and five interiors
McClurg: 1922 reprint
Methuen (UK): January 26, 1922, March 1927, December 1928, August 1939
     The Man Without A Soul (The Return of the Mucker) ~ 209 pages
    Frank Leist: DJ ~ no interiors
Grosset & Dunlap: 1922
J. Allen St. John: DJ and four interior plates
Grosset & Dunlap: 1940 ~ No illustrations ~ 414 pages
Canaveral Press: November 14, 1963
    St. John DJ and five original interiors
Ballantine Books: January 1966 ~ U6039 ~ 320 pages
    Robert Abbett cover
Ace Books: June 1974 ~ (Part 1) The Mucker ~ 190 pages
    Frank Frazetta cover
Ace Books: June 1974 ~ (Part 2) Return of the Mucker ~ 212 pages
    Frank Frazetta cover
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The Mucker
The Mucker: Spawned by the slum jungles of Chicago, Billy Byrne was a vicious animal -- ruthless, powerful and blood thirsty. Before long, his natural ability for finding trouble left him shipwrecked in a Far East jungle where he was free to unleash the savage nature that was his only chance for survival.
The Return of the Mucker: The Mucker spent his life fighting. He fought his way out of the worst of Chicago's slums, he fought his way out of a jail sentence for a murder he didn't commit. Then, forced to fight for his freedom, destiny led him through a startling series of further adventures to Mexico -- and a fight for his life in the middle of a bloody revolution. Like two thieves they crept along in the shadow of the canyon wall. Inwardly Billy cursed the darkness of the night which hid from view everything more than a few paces from them. Yet it might have been this very darkness which would help save them, since it hid them as effectually from an enemy as it hid the enemy from them.

All-Story Cavalier Weekly - October 24, 1914 - The Mucker 1/4All-Story Weekly - June 17, 1916 - The Return of the Mucker 1/5

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Byrne, escaping the furious cut of the parang, leaped to the savage Malay's neck.Horrified, the girl realized she was in the clutches of fierce warriors of a long-dead age.
The Mexican leaped into the arroyo, running for his life like a frightened jackrabbit.I'm hit, said Eddie, unemotionally, as Billy Byrne's revolver answered the shot from above.

Cover painting by J. Allen St. JohnRobert Abbett Ballantine cover artFrazetta Ace coverFrank Frazetta Ace edition cover artFrank Frazetta art for The Return of the Mucker

Promo adMethuen: Man Without A SoulOakdale Affair frontispiece by John Coleman BurroughsERBapa 36Russian paperback edition 1991

One of the editions Dan and I retrieved from his father's storage lockers in the Valley in 2003
ERBzine 1065

The UK Edition of The Return of the Mucker

Special Dum-Dum Souvenir Limited Illlustrated Edition published by the Chicago Muckers

The MuckerReturn of the Mucker
Frazetta cover paintings (click)

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