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Volume 0740
and the
John Coleman Burroughs
writing under the name Edgar Rice Burroughs
Reed Crandall: John Carter of Mars - 8 interiorsJohn Carter Big Little Book
First Edition DJ
Large Cover Image

ERBzine Guide to Barsoom
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ERBzine 1507

John Carter and the Giant of Mars by John Coleman Burroughs writing as ERB
Amazing Stories: January 1941 (expanded version of the text from the Whitman Better Little Book)
    J. Allen St. John: cover and two interiors
Amazing Stories Quarterly, v.1, n.4 ~ Fall 1941
    Julian S. Krupa: cover ~ J. Allen St. John: two b/w interiors
Amazing Stories: April 1961 reprint ~ St. John interiors reprinted

Skeleton Men of Jupiter:
Amazing Stories: February 1943
    J. Allen St. John: cover and two interiors
Amazing Stories Quarterly: v.3, n.4 ~ reprint ~ Fall 1943
    Malcolm Smith and Julian S. Krupa: new cover ~ J. Allen St. John: two interiors repeated
Amazing Stories: January 1964 ~ reprint ~ St. John interiors reprinted

John Carter of Mars: contains Giant of Mars and Skeleton Men of Jupiter
Canaveral Press (2 states): July 24, 1964 ~ 208 pages
    Reed Crandall: DJ, illustrated endpapers, eight interiors ~ Richard Lupoff: introduction
REPRINT EDITIONS (See ERBzine 0739 for paperback illustrations)
Ballantine paperback: April 1965 ~ 157 pages
    Robert Abbett cover ~ Richard Lupoff: introduction
Ballantine paperback: October 1973
    Gino D'Achille cover
Doubleday Science-Fiction Book Club double edition: April 1977 ~ with Llana of Gathol ~ 314 pages
    Richard Corben: DJ and five interiors
Ballantine - Del Rey: April 1979 ~ 167 pages ~ Lupoff intro omitted
    Michael Whelan cover

For detailed information see:Robert Zeuschner's
ERB: The Exhaustive Scholarís and Collectorís Descriptive Bibliography
Dial 1-800-253-2187 to order a copy from McFarland for $46.50

John Carter of Mars
This book, the last of ERB's Mars series, published after the author's death, containes the extraordinary chronicle of John Carter's trip to Jupiter, with the record of his adventures with that great planet's strange comrades-in-arms that he made among the many races of Jupiter.

In the second story, actually written by ERB's son, John Coleman Burroughs, John Carter, Warlord of Barsoom, is lured to a deserted city to rescue his beloved Dejah Thoris who has been captured by power-mad Pew Mogel. Instead of his wife, Carter finds a synthetic giant, one hundred and thirty- five feet tall, and hordes of great, white apes into each of which the brains of a man has been grafted! It takes all the skill of Carter's famous fighting arm and extraordinary agility just to preserve his life-and meanwhile, the sands of time are running out for Dejah Thoris!


At Pew Mogel's command, the great white ape grasped the lovely Dejah Thoris to him.
Two people sat in a saddle on the thoat's broad back.
Amazing Stories: April 1961 - John Carter and the Giant of MarsAmazing Stories: April 1961 - Back Cover - John Carter and the Giant of Mars
St. John Giant of Mars Pulp Interior


Carter gripped his sword - p.42He reached down to lift the girl. p.79
My fingers closed upon his throat. p.175Frontispiece: High into the air...The Morgors fought with fanatic determination. p.193Fighting furiously with a synthetic man. p.104

(Doubleday Book Club Edition)

The king of rats  . . . advanced slowly toward Carter.Quietly he started to edge his way along a ledge. . .

Alternate Cover by Phil Normand's Recoverings

The ERB Art of Robert Abbett

Cover art for John Carter of Mars, 1965

John Carter of Mars Comic CoverJohn Carter of Mars Dell Cover


Since this title is published with The Skeleton Men of Jupiter under the title
John Carter of Mars, the paperback covers are featured at

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